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Greensun is a fully automated production pv panels manufacture


Founded in 2003, Greenusun now produces polycrystalline solar panels, monocrystalline solar modules, Perc solar panels, and double glass solar panels.

In 2008, Greensun began to get involved in the field of solar pump systems. A team of engineers specializes in the design and research of solar power  systems. Timely help customers deal with various problems encountered in the installation of solar power systems.

Greensun is leading the world in the solar energy storage systems. Solar energy storage systems mainly include Grid-tied solar energy storage systems, on and off grid solar energy storage systems, off-grid solar energy storage systems, and microgrid solar energy storage systems.

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Greensun solar can provide customized solar system solutions,including grid-tie, off-grid and hybrid storage solar energy systems.

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+86 187 1510 8506

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