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Off-grid inverter is a key part of off-grid solar system, which converts the direct current of solar modules into alternating current.
Off-grid inverters are divided into separate off-grid inverters and off-grid inverter built-in mppt charge controller.
Separate off-grid inverters need to add an additional charger controller to charge the battery, which is safer and is mainly used in the American market.
The  inverter built-in mppt controller has its own charger, which can be directly connected to the battery for charging, saving installation space and cost. It is mainly used in European, Asian and African markets.
Off-grid inverter specifications include single-phase 220-240v, 50hz; three-phase 380-415V 50hz; single-phase 110v, 208v, 120v / 240v 60hz and three-phase 480v.

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