How to choose the right ground solar photovoltaic bracket


How to choose the right ground solar photovoltaic bracket

There are several factors to consider when choosing ground photovoltaic brackets:

     Roof type: If your roof is pitched rather than flat, ground-mounted photovoltaic mounting is a more suitable option.

     Ground conditions: Ground photovoltaic brackets need to be installed on the ground, so you need to consider the type of ground, such as soil, concrete or other types of ground. Different floor types may require different types of supports.

     Ground inclination: Ground photovoltaic mounts often have an adjustable inclination to maximize the use of solar energy. You need to evaluate your target tilt angle and the adjustability of the stand.

     Wind load and snow load: When selecting ground photovoltaic racks, you need to consider the local wind speed and snowfall to ensure that the rack has sufficient strength and stability to withstand the impact of external wind and snow loads.

     Adjustability and ease of installation: The adjustability of ground photovoltaic brackets allows you to adjust the angle of the solar panels according to changes in seasons and sun height for optimal solar energy collection efficiency. Additionally, ease of installation of the stand is also a consideration, as you may need to perform maintenance and replace some components in the future.

     Cost: Different types of ground-mounted PV mountings have different costs. You need to consider the balance between price and performance of the stand based on your budget.

Your best option is to consult with a professional solar installation company or professional who can provide the most accurate advice based on your specific situation and needs.
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