What is HJT Solar Panel


HJT (Heterojunction) solar photovoltaic module is a high-efficiency solar photovoltaic technology. HJT technology combines the advantages of traditional crystalline silicon solar cells and thin-film solar cells, using heterostructure and bifacial cell designs.

But unlike traditional crystalline silicon cells, HJT photovoltaic modules use multiple layers of high-quality amorphous silicon films (such as N-type and P-type amorphous silicon films) as the front and rear electrical contact layers of the cells.

HJT photovoltaic modules have many advantages such as high efficiency, high reliability and stability, double-sided power generation, strong adaptability, and aesthetics.

At present, the HJT solar modules produced by our GREENSUN can reach a maximum power of 730W. They have passed TUV and CE tests and are accepted and used by many European customers.
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