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Commodity prices skyrocketed due to Russian-Ukrainian war


Russia's exclusion from the SWIFT system has had a major impact on the supply of non-ferrous metals.

If the conflict between Russia and Ukraine intensifies, it is not ruled out that the sanctions against Russia will be further increased, resulting in Russia being completely excluded from SWIFT, which means that the commodities it participates in international trade cannot be delivered directly, but can only be re-exported, which will lead to chaos in the circulation field in a short period of time. Lead to skyrocketing commodity prices, while the European energy environment will be strained.

However, electrolytic nickel (18500KWh/mt) and electrolytic aluminum (13500KWh/mt) are all energy-intensive industries, which are greatly affected by the energy environment. Under the dual pressure of energy and Russian non-ferrous metal export restrictions, the price of non-ferrous bulk commodities will increase. grow rapidly.

This will affect all solar field products such as batteries, lithium batteries, and solar photovoltaic modules.
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