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Deep Cycle Gel Battery 2V Opzv Batteries 200AH 400AH 600AH 1000AH Cost

Deep Cycle Tubular OPZV Batteries 2V 3000Ah Batterie OPzV 2V 200ah 400ah 600ah 800ah 1000ah 2000ah 3000ah for Power Station

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    20 years
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Product Details

Deep Cycle Gel Battery 2V Opzv Batteries 200AH 400AH 600AH 1000AH Cost

2v opzv

The main advantages of OPZV Battery
1, 20 years design life
2, Long cycle life
3, can adapt to a wider temperature range
4, Excellent high-rate discharge performance
5, Constant power discharge capability is stronger
6, Better charging acceptance
7, Better safety and reliability
8, High cost performance, low annual operating cost
9, Environmental protection and energy saving

Typical Applications:

Solar Energy System

Wind Power System

UPS Power Supply


Telecommunication equipment

Base Station

Electronic instruments

Fire alarm and security devices

OPzV Battery Key Features

Low Self-Discharge: about 2% per month

Non-Spillable Construction

Safety Valve Installation for Explosion Proof

Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery Performance

99.7% Pure Lead Calcium Grids and A Recognized Component of U.L

Wide operation temperature Range: -40℃~55℃

Specifications of OPzV Batteries

Model Nominal Voltage(V)

Nominal Capacity(Ah) 



(L*W*H*T H)


OPzV2-200 2
200 103*206*356*389mm 18KG M8
2 250 124*206*356*389mm 21.8KG M8
OPzV2-300 2 300 145*206*356*389mm 25.2KG M8
OPzV2-350 2 350 124*206*473*505mm 27.1KG M8
OPzV2-420 2 420 145*206*473*505mm 31.8KG M8
OPzV2-500 2 500 166*206*473*505mm 36.6KG M8
OPzV2-600 2 600 145*206*646*678mm 45.1KG M8
OPzV2-800 2 800 191*210*646*678mm 60.3KG M8
OPzV2-1000 2 1000 233*210*646*678mm 72.5KG M8
OPzV2-1200 2 1200 275*210*646*678mm 87.4KG M8
OPzV2-1500 2 1500 275*210*795*827mm 106KG M8
2 2000 399*212*770*802mm 143KG M8
2 2500 487*212*770*802mm 177KG M8
OPzV2-3000 2 3000 576*212*770*802mm 212KG M8

Package of OPzV Battery

OPZV 2v 600ah

Projects of OPzS Batteries

opzv 2v 1000ah

Greensun provides energy storage batteries such as AGM, GEL, OPZV, OPZS, lithium

batteries, etc. The battery can be divided into 2V battery and 12V battery by voltage.

AGM and GEL batteries are maintenance-free, deep cycle and cost effective.
OPZV and OPZS batteries are usually available in 2V series and have a life span of 15 to 20 years.
Lithium batteries have high energy density, long life and light weight. The disadvantage is high price.
The above batteries are widely used in Solar Power Systems, Wind Energy Systems, UPS System(Uninterrupted Power Supply), Telecom Systems, Railway Systems, Switches and Control systems, Emergency Lighting Systems, , and Radio and Broadcasting Stations.

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