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Hello everyone, I sincerely thank you for your support to our business in the past year, and I hope to continue working with your partners to create new performance in the new year,I wish you all a happy family.

At present, the new coronavirus has been effectively controlled in various regions of China, and the number of discharged patients has increased significantly as it slowly disappears. Our factory is hundreds of kilometers away from the epidemic area. At present, there are no infected people, and everything is in good condition. In the current process of resuming production, staff members are taken to measure body temperature and distribute masks every day to ensure the physical condition of employees. At the same time, all products are in a safe state to ensure that there is no virus. Early logistics and production capacity will be relatively tight, and it is expected that it will slowly return to normal in the middle and late March.

In 2020, our company will launch new products as follows.

1>Half-cut solar modules, including 120cells and 144cells monocrystalline solar modules.

half cut solar modules

1.Compared with the conventional 156.75mm x 156.75mm size solar cells solar module package, the package loss of the half-cut module is lower, which is generally 0.1% -0.3%. Using the advantages of low current, effectively improving the efficiency of package packaging, can reduce the loss of electricity transmission, and the annual power generation can be increased by 3%.

2.Reduce occlusion loss. The low-current characteristics of half cut pv modules can significantly reduce the risk of hot spot problems, increase the service life of modules, better avoid the damage of modules to shadows, and be more practical for roof solar home systems.

3.The power temperature of the module is 1-2 ° C lower than that of the conventional module. Reduce solar panels heat and reduce losses caused by temperature rise.

2>,60cells & 72cells 158.75x158.75mmfull square monocrystalline solar modules.

full square solar panels

1.Compared with 156.75mm size solar modules, the area of 158.75mm size solar cells will be 3.14% larger, and the power can be increased up to 10.05W.

2.After the 158.75mm size cell was packaged, the photovoltaic module size increased by only 1.4cm, but the thinner cell and thinner EVA caused the module area to increase by 1%, but the overall weight remained unchanged.
3.Compared with conventional modules with a size of 158.75mm, the final cost will also decrease due to the decrease in the thickness of the silicon wafer.

In the near future, the 166mm x 166mm size battery module will also become a new trend.

3.>Hybrid grid solar energy storage system.

In the new year, our company mainly recommends hybrid grid energy storage solar systems (ESS) combined with powerwallithium battery packs. We provide European, Australian and USA standard hybrid inverters,  powerwalls has UL battery cells and CE certification to meet the needs of different customers.

Whether it is a small energy storage system for households or a large industrial and commercial energy storage system, our company can provide one-stop services.

storage solar energy system

In the new year, our company will cooperate with you with a hundred times enthusiasm, high quality products and perfect after-sales service. Looking forward to your support.
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