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In recent years, the German solar industry has been faltering, partly because China's solar panel production costs are relatively low, and the gradual decline in feed-in electricity prices has also led to a sharp decline in solar deployment. Driven by falling lithium-ion battery prices, solar panels and battery systems have become increasingly popular, providing a lifeline for Germany's dying solar industry. Although battery energy storage has lagged far behind the development of solar energy so far, as the cost of batteries is lower and the performance is more powerful, they will be used more and more to store wind energy and solar unbalanced output Weather energy provides flexibility.

In Germany, many energy companies have stood up again because of the emergence of home energy storage systems. Germany has installed solar panels on more than 1 million buildings, but most of them have not installed energy storage equipment. More and more homeowners are now buying batteries, and German energy storage equipment is also sold in France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Australia and South Korea.

The price of a home energy storage system depends on the size of the house or business, the energy needs of the owner, how much sunlight the building can be exposed to, and the quality of the panels, batteries, and management system. It is worth mentioning that the economics of battery energy storage is not the only motivation for most battery system buyers. It is not even the main motivation. They want to be independent of power companies and rising electricity prices, and they want to contribute to green energy.
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