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Factors Affecting the Life of Lithium Batteries


Factors Affecting the Life of Lithium Batteries

1. Depth of discharge and rechargeable times

The number of rechargeable times is related to the depth of discharge. The deeper the battery discharge depth, the less the number of rechargeable times.

2. Overcharge, overdischarge, and large charge and discharge currents

Any form of overcharge will seriously damage the performance of the lithium battery, or even explode. Avoid overcharging the battery.

3. Overheated or undercooled environment

Temperature has a great impact on the life of lithium ion batteries. The sub-zero environment is likely to cause the lithium battery to be burned the moment the electronic product is turned on, whereas the overheated environment will reduce the capacity of the battery.

   Too high or too low power status is not conducive to maintaining the life of Lifepo4 batteries. When the battery is in a state of no power or low power for a long time, the resistance to the movement of electrons inside the lithium battery will increase, resulting in a decrease in battery capacity. . Under normal circumstances, maintaining 10%-90% of the power is beneficial to protect the battery.
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