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Germany's solar power generation has reached 43 billion kWh this year


A recent report by the German energy giant E.on shows that Germany’s solar power system so far this year has surpassed that of the entire year last year.According to the calculation of the report, since this year, the solar power generation in Germany has reached 43 billion kWh, which is 1 billion kWh more than the sum of solar power generation in the whole year of last year.

According to the report, from a mathematical point of view, the solar energy generated so far this year can meet nearly twice the annual electricity demand of all private households in Germany.But the biggest consumers of electricity are still industrial enterprises.According to calculations by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE), this year will be a record-breaking year for renewable energy: from the beginning of the year to October 22, wind, solar, biomass and hydroelectric power generation52.5% of public net production.Last year, the share of green power was 46%.
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